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This page is used by the dealers at the Cambridge and Haverhill Antique Markets to request their daily sales reports.  If you would like information on becoming a dealer in our Markets, please email us at 
or telephone: 
Cambridge Antique Market  (617) 868-9655   
                   David Cohen, Mgr.              

Dealer Sales Notices

  • Selection of Dealer Sales for Previous and Current period has changed.
  • You can select sales for the Current and Previous period as before, you can also display your sales for the year up to the Previous Period.
    • Please note the web server is now Unix based, this means your password is now case sesitive. If your password is DopeY it must be entered using upper and lower case. dopey or DOPEY will not work. If this is inconvenient please email dopey and I will recode password checking to be case insensitive.
    • Please note that the date display has changed to a year-month-day numeric format. This applies to the date entry for sales from date.
  • If you have any comments or feedback please email dopey referencing CAM Dealer Sales
  • Thank-you to the dealers who have already input suggestions and questions. It helps to make the site better for you.